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Broadspeed works with New AUDI UK dealers - we offer Approved Used cars also. Broadspeed negotiates big discounts on 2013 New AUDI, Ex-Demo (2012/2013) and Approved Used (2010/2011) Main Dealer cars come complete with the normal Audi UK Warranty. Broadspeed works for you negotiating the biggest discount and introduces you to the most competitve dealer. Broadspeed has arranged new car deals for consumers and businesses since 1995 (with 50,000 happy customers). We therefore appreciate that it's vital to combine a LOW PRICE with HIGH CUSTOMER SERVICE! You can rely on our wide experience and extensive dealer network across the United Kingdom.

The Broadspeed Fee

This website is FREE to use as a research tool (you can receive unlimied email quotes) and carries no obligation; however, if you do buy a car from the dealer we find, you need to pay us a £199 Fee. Our fee is charged if you place an order and/or pay a deposit to the dealer. If it doesn't complete, our £199 fee is refunded (basis: no car, no fee). We may also receive a small fee from the dealer, however this would be paid from the dealer's margin and isn't added to your price. Audi car finance deals are also available - including cheap PCP (Personal Contract Purchase), H.P. or a Personal Lease. Call us for more details or see the FAQ tab (top page, read how it works). Find information about AUDI UK New and Used Cars for sale, best deals on used Cars. Broadspeed is a UK website listing new and used cars offered for sale by Franchise Main Agents.

Audi UK

This is how we work with Audi: we offer both brand new and nearly cars from authorised Audi UK Main Dealers. We have close relations with many showrooms which provide us with the best service and lowest price across the UK. No matter where you live, we will have a dealer not far from your town. Please bear in mind we do not sell cars ourselves, we simply put buyer and seller together - so the car deal itself is made between you the customer and the main dealer we introduce. Essentially, we try to show you the best prices online then find the nearest and cheapest authorised franchised Audi dealer. You pay the dealer directly; there is no middle man.

New 2013 Audi Cars

Audi is rightly famous for its outstanding and understated design. If you want status, arrive in a car from Munich or Stuttgart; if you prefer to sneak in unnoticed, the car from Ingolstadt is definitely the better bet. Manufacturing excellence, unparalleled luxury, contemporary style are all part of the Audi magic. The astonishing Quattro 4-wheel drive system honed and refined over many years of road and rally experience is unmatched. The interior on any New Audi Car is built with the highest quality materials available anywhere in the automotive industry. All said, we can take it as read that these cars are refined, eye-catching, luxurious, brilliant design - yet offered for sale at an affordable price (especially on PCP!).

Ex Demo, Used 2013 Audi 2012 Pre Registered

Broadspeed Ltd works with UK main dealers to offer customers one of the best discounts. Audi car prices can be reduced if you know the right dealers and the right weeks to buy (we do!). The German company has been gradually growing its presence in premium car market stealing sales of new cars sold from competitors such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes. Now buyers have started looking for the best prices on Audi because it's become the company car of choice (having some of the lowest BIK rates and Co2 readings). Audi has spent a lot of time and effort expanding its market share with ever improving propositions and brand new niche models. An example is the A1 (a rival to the Mini) and new A3 saloon (competes with the Jetta): the enormous A7 hatch is head to head with the 5GT and the cute little crossover Q3 competes with the aging X3. If these German car makers carry on at their present rate, their dealer showrooms are going to be extended to accommodate all these extended ranges.

Audi Prices

Audi is considered good value because it offers useful and sophisticated features and an amazing ability to retain its value over time. If you want to protect your investment buy a New Audi UK Car â?? contact Broadspeed if you want to find the best price Audi deal. In the main, Audi Prices are a little higher than the equivalent Volkswagen model (VW owns Audi along with Seat and Skoda). Some buyers wonder how these higher prices are justified - given that the car 'underneath' is often identical. If you value the understated presence of an Audi and the subtle but unmistakable quality of the cabin, it won't be that hard to pay the extra money. We rightly claim that Audi UK Prices on broadspeed.com are better than on many other online dealers or car brokers. Take a look at our cheapest price list, special offers and hot deals. If you spot a bigger discount or offer we don't list, phone us and demand that we match or beat that deal - we will always ALWAYS do our level best.

Audi Deal

It is fair to say that the German manufacturer hates discounts; so it is with some relish that Broadspeed offers Cheap New Audi Deals - prices you'll not often if ever see elsewhere. If you are in the market for a new or ex demo Audi A3, A4, A5, A6 or approved used Audi Q5 or Q7 (whether coupe, Avant or quattro) we offer the best deal on all those models. Some dealers also have pre registered Audis, cars that are brand new but have been registered to hit a monthly sales target. If this potential extra saving appeals - and you are ready to buy a car now, phone us on 02071750555 until 7pm.

Audi for Sale

Broadspeed lists the entire range of New Audis for sale (cars can be new, ex demonstrator or used). We discount all car models - so if you can't see the exact model you want on our website, phone and one of our representatives will try to match your specific requirements. We offer all 2012 prereg and 2013 New Audi for Sale and 2013 demos as well. So if you are searching for a low mileage and prime condition pre owned car, just drop us a line and we will speak to our UK Franchise Main Dealers. We can often find for your dream car matching your colour, specification and budget within a few hours. Text Broadspeed your requirements to 07878 555247 (include any finance or new Audi leasing prices you'd like to see).

Audi Discount

We are happy to announce some fantastic new Audi Discount offers. Recent automotive market trends have ensured our main dealers are offering maximum car discounts meaning customers can pay almost cost. You can't expect much better offer than that! The diesel engine is based around Volkswagen Cars and can be transported in small parts according to the requirements.

Audi Finance

As mentioned earlier, you can contact Broadspeed for complete UK Audi Leasing package according to your requirements- with Popular Personal Contract Purchase (PPC), Hire Purchase (HP), Advance Payment Plan (APP) and Balloon Payments. We also offer Interest Free Credit (IFC) on selected cars range by our UK Franchised Dealers. Just browse our website, scroll down and select the option that you are interested in Audi Finance quote. We will contact you with full package to discuss your requirements and make an individually tailored plan that exactly goes with your needs.

Cheap Audi Cars

If you are looking for some of really cheap Audi Cars, then Broadspeed is the best who can offer a wide range of cheap cars with some of the best hot offers. Now it's possible to buy Audi car even if you cannot afford. Just send text to ring back or drop a call for custom tailored Audi quote. We'll come back to you with our cheapest prices on new or nearly Audi Discount cars anywhere in UK. Our all customers are welcome to collect their car from any of their convenient main dealer they can also arrange home delivery in all UK regions.

Audi Dealers

One thing to bear in mind is that a new Audi discount car will often cost the same monthly as it is to buy. This is because the depreciation rate is very low (compared with eg Renault, Vauxhall, Chrysler) and there is sometimes an additional deposit contribution from the car maker or dealership (that would not be available if you pay all cash). These two factors mean that although you might pay 3% flat rate for the borrowed money, the payments are really low.

Audi Offers

Audi cars are so popular that most brokers do not have the complete range of Audi offers. Sometimes, dealers make special offers just for Broadspeed. Always phone us to find out if there are any such specials this month if you buy a new Audi Discount Offers through our website. Phone us or place a no obligation online enquiry for further information. End of Audi News article expires 01/2014.

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New Car and PX quotes are 100% FREE (as are finance figures). There is a Broadspeed fee ONLY if you do business with a dealer we introduce.


Our dealers offer PX/PCP exactly as normal. However, once you have dealer offer, phone us – as we often find you better PX or PCP prices.


Once you’re ready, we’ll introduce a UK Main Agent who sells you the car as normal. Visit face to face and pay direct – or email and bank transfer.


Broadspeed helps you save on New Cars, Ex-Demonstrators and Approved Used Cars (all Main Dealer supplied, still under Manufacturer Warranty)


More than 50,000 introductions since 1995 (we were first established in 1962). Regularly featured by the BBC, Which? Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times…


If you order a car from the dealer we introduce you to, our fee is £199 incl VAT. This fee is ONLY payable if you actually sign the order form.


If you pay our £199 fee - but your order is later cancelled (any reason), we refund £199, in full; anything else paid is the dealer’s responsibility.


Dealers either pay to be on our network (a subscription), or pay us a sales commission – this is always INCLUDED within the price we quote you.


Discount rates and RRPs are checked and updated regularly; to the best of our knowledge and belief our discount prices are therefore correct.


Calculations are based on: a) a recent deal made on the same or a similar model, or b) as advised by our trade supplier (within last 30 days).


Prices and specifications are subject to manufacturer change at any time - so quotes must be confirmed by our dealer once you wish to proceed.


We strongly advise you to call and confirm the latest availability, offers, pricing and specification before relying on it for any purpose whatsoever.


We endeavour to provide accurate and up to date information but things do change; we therefore accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.


Our T&Cs are completely replaced by the dealer’s, once your order has been accepted in writing. Read our full T&Cs HERE.


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Important Information - Please Read

Any new car discount price shown on this website is based on what a customer paid (for this or a similar model) within the last 30 days. Discounts can change and offers expire so we check it once you’re ready to place a pre-order (which is free, with no obligation). The price can only be considered firm once you sign dealer order form and make initial payment (after which dealer T&C apply). Normally, you buy from the main dealer, not from Broadspeed Ltd (but exceptions can apply, see our T&C). Part Exchange and PCP are always quoted by dealer but might be bettered by our trade network. So call us once your car arrives and we will try to cut your cost again.

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