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CITROEN UK Cars For Sale

We know how to persuade automotive dealers to sell cars with almost no profit! Broadspeed is your online Citroen cars deal manager - we haggle the price down to the lowest level for new and used Citroen cars. We neither buy nor sell - but put buyer and seller together once the price is where you want it. If you are looking for a the biggest discount on a New CITROEN, or a really good deal on an Ex-Demo or Approved Used car (always MainDealer sourced and including a normal Citroen UK Warranty). Let Broadspeed.com do the frustrating and time consuming negotiation - we'll get the best discount then establish if you want to buy from the nearest/cheapest or the cheapest national dealer (it's your choice). We have been doing car deals (on new and pre-reg Citroens) since 1996 and have placed well in excess of 50,000 orders since then). Although Broadspeed is an online car broker service - we are different from many other sites out there. We introduce the motor dealer directly to you - who sends an invoice to you - and you pay that invoice direct (with no middle men or intermediary).

How It Works - Our Fee

We make no charge for Citroen price quotes - using our site is 100% FREE; we do make a small charge if you buy a car from the Citroen dealer we introduce you to. The process is that we take your card # at the time of introduction but we do not take the fee for three working days so you have enough time to conclude the order. Should it not go ahead (any reason), whatever you paid to us is paid back. Sometimes a large order of several vehicles gets the best price and in this case, the dealer may compensate us (or be a member of our trade network). Any such compensation comes from a dealer's profit margin or marketingbudget.

Citroen New 2014 C4 Grand Picasso

Citroen announced an all new 2014 model seven-seat MPV which offers lower emissions and greater interior space over the old C4 Grand Picasso model- the car arrives in Citroen UK dealer showrooms this Summer. The weight is 110kg below the previous Grand Picasso model, consequently economy and emissions are improved. The most economical Citroen motor is called the Airdream - it's a Diesel 90 PS averaging nearly 75mpg (just 98g/km of C02) and this means free 12m tax disc! Citroen UK says the more powerful motor - a 1.6HDi 115 PS returns a remarkable 70mpg (and 104g/km C02). Both versions offer a newly designed ETG6 6-speed clutch less automatic/ manual gearbox option.

New Citroen For Sale

No matter if you choose to buy a Citroen through an established online broker or directly from an official main dealer, Broadspeed.com offers the best UK Citroen deals. Big online discounts mean that prices displayed are competitive - we show the previous price successfully achieved on an order within 30 days - and in the majority of cases the price shown is available to you within £100 either way. To ensure the deal process is reliable, we have a policy to agree all new Citroen discount prices in writing before you are asked to place the order; you therefore know the price before committing to any form of payment.

New Citroen UK Prices

Broadspeed updates its new Citroen prices every day, based on the latest information from the Citroen press release service. Our new Citroen prices are all managed in house by Broadspeed UK staff writers and editors. We take care to show all new Citroen cars for sale - across the UK so the prices you see online are always the newest, most up to date available. If we show a new Citroen RRP list price along side our discount price, both will be O.T.R. meaning 'On The Road' to include VAT, numberplates, first reg'n fee plis one year roadtax (the same as your local car dealer offers). Understand all dealerships must reach a monthly sales target, so timing of your deal is important - the best period to buy a cheap new Citroen is towards the close of the quarterly cycle (late March, June, September or late December every year). Call for helpful information on how make the best deal when you buy a new Citroen.

Best Citroen Car Deals

Broadspeed offers a no risk way to get a big discount when you buy a new Citroen. We get you a super new Citroen deal and combine that saving with a part exchange online trade-in price and lowrate or free finance (0% apr typical). It's totally clear you'll ask us for the least cost to change - this is our goal - we'll find the best deal overall taking into account the new car discount, the online PX price and the lowest PCP payments. A 2014 Citroen is to be announcedsoon - we expect cut price 2013 new or cheap pre reg Citroens for sale as well as Citroen ex demonstrator deals (the old 13 and new 63 plate cars being replaced by the latest new 14 registration next March). Sometimes car dealers become overstocked and in this situation they can either fill a transporter, send them to the auction, wait several weeks some selling some not - then another few weeks for the money to arrive. A better alternative is for a private buyer to pay the same price TODAY and with immediate payment. So if you plan to buy a new or nearly new Citroen (approved used are also available), call us to see which cars have been reduced.

Cheap Citroen Finance, Contract Hire & Lease

Personal Contract Purchase is known as Citroen PCP, but traditional H.P. and a Personal Lease are also on offer. Phone to ask if there are any free Citroen finance offers at the moment. Financing your next new CITROEN is painless becuase there are often invisible discounts the dealer can use when you sign up for a monthly deal. There are vast numbers of Used Cars for sale with the best deals on used Cars often coming from UK Citroen dealers. Online, Broadspeed operates a UK web site which lists both new & used cars - advertised for sale by Franchise Car dealers at prices you cannot find on the forecourt. The skill Broadspeed has is to combine the best Citroen discount together with a cheap loan or PCP deal. Citroen financing, business contracthire or personal Citroen leasing, usually starts at £75 per month with £500 down (example PCH Citroen C1, 24m, 8k pa). If you can show a reliable income, a longterm address, with a number credit cards (without arrears), we offer longterm Citroen deals that are highly competitive in the UK car market place.

Buy New Citroens Online

SPECIAL OFFER CLEARANCE DEALS... Buy a New 2013/13 Plate Car, Pre-Reg 62, 12, 11 or 60 Registration Used Citroien cars In Stock for 7 day Delivery. These are unmarked Nearly-New cars with the balance of a 3 Year UK Warranty - buy the Cheapest Ex-Demo Citroens! We work with Main Dealers all over the UK - London M25 area, Birmingham city, the Greater Manchester region and Leeds in West Yorkshire. UK Factory Warranty always included. Collect and inspect or home delivery service. No Online Risk - Moneyback Guarantee. EXTRA INFO: (0207) 175 0555. New 2013 Citroens in Scotland or Wales - discounted 2011/12 Demos... Easy Part EX or Tradein... Citreon Cash Deals... Easy Loan... PCP no deposit? The Citroen range of cars for 2014 boast important new features - the latest Euro-6 BlueHDi engines including a new feature called S.C.R. (standing for "Selective Catalyst Reduction"). The latest Blue HDi 150 PS motor puts out just 110g/km C02 - or 117g/km as a 6-speed automatic. The New Citroen seven seater offers the third row of seats becuase the wheelbase is now 55mm more than a Picasso five str (overall 2.5 m affording more than enough passenger space for stretching out on long journies). With the seats folded right down, this Citroen car offers 2.75 metres - if all five seats are in place - and with a huge 645 litres of boot space; this increases to 700 litres with the second row pushed forward as far as they will go. New in early 2014, all Citrons come loaded with hitech: examples are a radar anticrash warning, ultra sonic blindspot monitoring, eTouch auto-calls 999 in an emergency! Buy a new Citroen today at the best price by phoning our sales department on (01206) 460015 (open 9am-7pm, Mon-Sat. Our web site is available for the best Citroen prices all weekend - but the office reopens on Monday morning).

HOW IT WORKS - or Call: (0207) 175 0555


New Car and PX quotes are 100% FREE (as are finance figures). There is a Broadspeed fee ONLY if you do business with a dealer we introduce.


Our dealers offer PX/PCP exactly as normal. However, once you have dealer offer, phone us – as we often find you better PX or PCP prices.


Once you’re ready, we’ll introduce a UK Main Agent who sells you the car as normal. Visit face to face and pay direct – or email and bank transfer.


Broadspeed helps you save on New Cars, Ex-Demonstrators and Approved Used Cars (all Main Dealer supplied, still under Manufacturer Warranty)


More than 50,000 introductions since 1995 (we were first established in 1962). Regularly featured by the BBC, Which? Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times…


If you order a car from the dealer we introduce you to, our fee is £199 incl VAT. This fee is ONLY payable if you actually sign the order form.


If you pay our £199 fee - but your order is later cancelled (any reason), we refund £199, in full; anything else paid is the dealer’s responsibility.


Dealers either pay to be on our network (a subscription), or pay us a sales commission – this is always INCLUDED within the price we quote you.


Discount rates and RRPs are checked and updated regularly; to the best of our knowledge and belief our discount prices are therefore correct.


Calculations are based on: a) a recent deal made on the same or a similar model, or b) as advised by our trade supplier (within last 30 days).


Prices and specifications are subject to manufacturer change at any time - so quotes must be confirmed by our dealer once you wish to proceed.


We strongly advise you to call and confirm the latest availability, offers, pricing and specification before relying on it for any purpose whatsoever.


We endeavour to provide accurate and up to date information but things do change; we therefore accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.


Our T&Cs are completely replaced by the dealer’s, once your order has been accepted in writing. Read our full T&Cs HERE.


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Broadspeed Ltd, Steps Farm, Rectory Hill, Polstead, Colchester CO65AE. Accounts Line: (01206) 460015. Fax: (01206) 808150. Contact a Director on (07956) 200000.

Important Information - Please Read

Any new car discount price shown on this website is based on what a customer paid (for this or a similar model) within the last 30 days. Discounts can change and offers expire so we check it once you’re ready to place a pre-order (which is free, with no obligation). The price can only be considered firm once you sign dealer order form and make initial payment (after which dealer T&C apply). Normally, you buy from the main dealer, not from Broadspeed Ltd (but exceptions can apply, see our T&C). Part Exchange and PCP are always quoted by dealer but might be bettered by our trade network. So call us once your car arrives and we will try to cut your cost again.

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