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New Jaguar XKR-S Coupe For Sale UK




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Jaguar Cars - Grace and Pace

2013 New Jaguar for Sale

Jaguar has always been a car to admire; sometimes (back in the 1950s and 60s) it was a car to covet - how many bedroom walls were adorned with posters of the C, D and E Type? The old headline was "Jaguar - Pace with Grace" but for a couple of decades it seriosuly lost its way. The dark old BL days with truly atrocious build quality seemed to blight the cars - and the Arthur Daley image persisted for years. Then a serious manufacturer got involved - one with deep enough pockets to turn the whole thing around - or so Ford thought! There followed a long period of development and recovery - but the banking crisis forced the US giant to sell its prized possessions. Long before it was incorporated into The Jaguar Land Rover Group in 2012, Jaguar Cars was founded back in 1922 by Sir William Lyons. Before producing cars, Jaguar was known as as The Swallow Sidecar Company which made motorcycle sidecars; it was renamed after WW2 to avoid bad feeling towards its SS initials.

Jaguar Heritage

During the late fifties and sixties, Jaguar Cars produced some of the world's most iconic sports saloons, coupes and roadsters - and successful race cars such as the C and D Types. However, the seventies went horribly wrong - especially following the 1973 oil crisis, and it was acquired by British Motor Holdings which merged with Leyland Motor Corporation (and ultimately became part of the doomed British Leyland). Happily, Jaguar split from British Leyland 1984 and was bought by Ford Motor Company in 1990; Ford incorporated the company into its Premier Auto Group (PAG) which pumped a huge amount of capital into product design, development and improvement. The financial crisis of 2007 forced Ford to bail out (to avoid the financial life-support required by the bankrupt GM and Chrysler) and Tata of India became the latest owner. Tata continued investing in development and the brand went from stength to strength. Jaguar has famously produced very special cars for Royal Families, Prime Ministers and UK Government Departments and embassies around the world.

Latest Jaguar XF Deals

Broadspeed offers the new 2013 Jaguar XF - it is a stylish mid-sized high end luxury saloon; it has a range of highly efficient turbo-charged 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder diesel engines which are very refined yet economical. If it's power and the ultimate in performance you desire, there are a range of fantastic petrol motors - supercharged monsters - with more than 300PS on tap.

Jaguar XJ Discount Prices

If you are searching for New Jaguar UK car deals that are more affordable you have arrived at the right web site - Broadspeed.com. We offer new Jaguar deals, Nearly-new, Approved used Jaguar and even Jaguar Ex Demo car discounts. Finance options include loans - sometimes with 0% free finance (call to check current monthly offers), but Jaguar PCP and Jaguar leasing / Contract Hire is always available. Low mileage Approved Used Jaguar cars often come in at the cheapest price when we find struggling or overstocked main dealers. Compare our discount prices against online car brokers and you will find we are rarely beaten. Timing is evertything - all car dealers work to quarterly targets - so plan ahead - buy a new car (for sale at the end of each month or quarter) and you'll benefit from the highest leverage (and the lowest Jaguar prices).

Jaguar PCP Finance

Once we have found you the best Jaguar price deal, you may want to explore different finance packages. Jaguar sales managers have many different financing products so the monthly cost can be made to fit your budget requirements. You may feel that a Jaguar HP (Hire purchase) or car loan are the best way to buy - but Jaguar offers alternatives such as cheap PCP or Personal Contract Hire (leasing). You need to decide whether to pay monthly and OWN the car at the end - or simply RENT and hand it back at the end. Some differences between a Jaguar car loan and a Jaguar PCP agreement is that a Jaguar Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) has a restriction on the maximum annual mileage you can drive (without a financial surcharge) and the wear and tear/ damage has to be kept to a minimum (so when it's time for a 'Jaguar for sale' ad, the vehicle is readily saleable). At the end of the PCP, you can either buy it by paying the balloon (called the GFV) where you effectively buy your Jaguar as a used car (whilst remaining the registered owner), or simply return it to the dealer in a good state (and the dealer pays the GFV). If handing it back, you are free from any financial obligation (so long as you kept to the stated rules in your contract).

Jaguar XF Lease

Buying a new discount Jaguar XF car may not be for everyone. Take our car addict Guy - he wants the ability to pay for a car monthly but does not want (or need) to become the owner. In a way he wants to borrow and return it when he's finished - effectively to rent it - just like a long term hire car agreement. Guy wants to drive the latest car model without the usual high cost of buying it - for him Jaguar leasing is ideal (also known as Jaguar contract hire). So as long as Guy doesn’t exceed the maximum mileage and drives carefully (avoiding excessive damage when it's finally a Jaguar car for sale), he can lease knowing the total monthly cost (so avoiding the risk of rising or unpredictable depreciation rates). If taking out a lease, Guy needs to make certain he understands the contract terms and conditions (such as unreasonable damage or excess mileage penalties).

Jaguar Trade in (Part Exchange)

Broadspeed dealers offer normal part exchange facilities (PX for short) - simply sell the car to the dealership and the value will be deducted from the total price of your new Jaguar. PX can be used in conjunction with a finance product to limit your monthly payments. Lets go through a real-life example: you have an old car in need of a service, new tax disc and MOT (it has been kept it in good condition). Broadspeed.com searches through its special offer Jaguar cars and offers on discount Jaguars. Once the deal is identifies, we value the existing car in part exchange. We provide advice on how to get the maximum value for an old car. In addition to the trade in offer, we'll also offer it to our network of independent used car traders who may well pay you more than the standard trade in value. We'll also advise how you could sell it privately - painlessly and quickly - and at a higher price than the trade in or trade sale option. Whatever is agreed, the PX value is fully deducted from the new Jaguar invoice (we aim for the lowest cost to change whether buying new or an approved used). To cut the capital outlay, you can look at various finance options - a car loan or ask us if there's a Jaguar 0% free finance deal available.

How It Works

Broadspeed helps both Jaguar dealers and car buyers. Some dealerships miss their sales bonus because registrations fall short of what is required. Such dealers have two main alternatives: 1) decide to go for Jaguar pre-reg cars (a pre registered car is where the dealer registers it to itself) which gets sales numbers up; 2) to sell a new Jaguar at trade price or cost (they make their money hitting the target). We do this by convincing dealers to cut prices whilst agreeing to sell a discounted Jaguar in the showroom (or a one-off special offer Jaguar car). Over the years, we have cut prices so successfully that you can be confident we are the cheapest Jaguar website.

Jaguar Nearly New and Ex Demo Cars

Compare other online car brokers against Broadspeed and you'll generally find our Jaguar UK prices are the lowest. So when you have researched the market and have decided to buy a Jaguar car online, bear in mind that the only element of the purchase conducted on this web site is your research. Other websites may offer cheap Jaguar sales, but with Broadspeed you have the assurance that fifteen years experience brings. Unlike some online brokers, we don't just offer brand new cars. By all means, make a choice from our range of brand new Jaguars (UK cars only) - but if the cost is just outside your budget, ask us about a 2013 nearly-new or 2011 Used Jaguar, (find 2013 ex demo Jaguar cars too).

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Important Information - Please Read

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