Ex-DEMO CARS are fully Main Dealer Prepared - 'Next to New' - Maximum 1-6 Months Old - Still Under Warranty (Balance of the Manufacturer 3/5/7 Year Guarantee).
Just tell us what you are looking for - and How you wish to pay for it....
We'll search your ideal car - then negotiate the best possible price (cash or monthly).
Stock changes fast - so it's better to CALL US on (0207) 175 0555 or Text/ Whatsapp (07878) 555247.
APPROVED USED CARS are fully Main Dealer Prepared - 'Excellend Condition' - Accident-Free - Age 6 Months to 60 Months Old - Main Dealer Warranty (6 Months or More - 1/2/3/ Year Extensions available).
Just tell us what you are looking for - and How you wish to pay for it (Cash, Loan, HP, PCP etc....)?
We look nationwide for your ideal model - then negotiate the lowest possible purchase price.
Good Cars sell fast - so it's better to PHONE US on (0207) 175 0555 or Text/ Whatsapp (07878) 555247
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New Kia Soul Hatchback

MODEL NOT FOUND (free enquiry) Call Us on (0207) 175 0555


Fed up with the risk of unkown depreciation rates - Why not Hire Your Next New Car?

Long Term Car Rental is known as Contract Hire - or, more specifically "Personal Contract Hire" (PCH for short) - or Business Contract Hire (BCH).

The advantages of New Kia Soul Contract Hire include:
a) Low monthly payment (often lower than PCP same deposit/ mileage);
b) All the VED (Tax Discs) are Included within your rental payment;
c) Some companies offer cars on a lower credit rating (eg self employed).

Various New Car Dealers and suppliers offer flexible periods - to suit your needs - eg:
- Short Term (1 Month)
- Medium Term (12 Months)
- Long Term (24-48 Months)

If you'd like to get a No Obligation PCH or BCH Monthly Quote - just CALL US on: (0207) 175 0924 - or TEXT 'callme' to: (07956) 200 000.


Tell us you've decided to Order your New Kia Soul Vehicle via Broadspeed.com (an outright cash deal, finance, PCP or the best Kia Soul Leasing deal) we'll haggle the biggest 2019 Kia Soul discount with a Main Dealer (in your area). We'll set out the deal by email then await your instructions to go ahead with a Main Dealer introduction (there are no fees and no obligation at this stage). As soon as you're happy to proceed, we'll introduce our cheapest UK Kia Soul Car Dealer - you'll be invoiced by (and you'll pay the Kia Soul Dealer). We MAKE quick and simple - you can visit the car showroom - just search online for 'Section 75' and 'Distance Selling Regulations' (which provides far better protection for the buyer).

HOW IT WORKS - New Kia Soul Car Finance Deals, Trade In Offer

Buying a new Kia Soul car on finance? We negotiate the best car deal then put you together with our cheapest New Kia Soul Main Agent to complete your order. If you require a PCP quote, this is generally sent to you by the Dealership - though we may well have sent you the best PCP deals we found, in advance. If the PCH (leasing) figures come in substantially cheaper than PCP (Personal Contract Hire has no option to buy the car at the end), we may introduce a cheap Kia Soul Leasing Company or Agent - as this is often much less per month than a Kia Soul Main Agent. For peace of mind, all brand new Kia Soul cars sourced by Broadspeed are UK-Main-Dealer-Supplied and "First Keeper" - not Pre-Registered. To be clear, the car you buy from our Main Agent will be identical to the Kia Soul car for sale at your local showroom (but costing far less). Just because we've negotiated a discount, don't think that a cheap Kia Soul car deal means you receive poor service, warranty - or local dealer back-up.

CHEAP NEW Kia Soul ONLINE DISCOUNTS - Are Discounted Prices Accurate?

We only publish discounts that we believe are actually available. Prices are based on: a) what our Dealers tell us is available or b) a recent customer order. Kia Soul prices on the web site are therefore broadly accurate and usually available to you. That said, please keep in mind that we are a Middle Man, not a Dealer. So any Kia Soul discount price is subject to confirmation and availability by our Main Agents. It's easy to confirm that a priced deal is available - all you have to do is ask us to check it - which is usually done in moments whilst you are on the phone. To confirm, just call us on (0207) 175 0555 - or text 'callme' to (07956) 200000 (for a prompt call back).

HOW TO GET THE BEST Kia Soul PCP DEPOSIT CONTRIBUTIONS - Personal Contract Purchase/ Plans

Some Car Manufacturers now offer a PCP Deposit Contribution (or a Deposit Allowance) if you buy using their PCP. These are really a "dressed up discount" and can dramatically distort a deal if you don't know how to use the rules to your advantage. So, if you've given up trying to understand what you are being offered by a local showroom, just ask us to send you the "real deal" - the figures without the fog and mis-direction! Once you understand the bare bones of the deal, we'll simply introduce you to a convenient and "straight talking" new Kia Soul dealer (who will also offer cheap Ex-Demo and Nearly-New Kia Soul cars if you prefer)?

BROADSPEED FEES - How Much (and When) You Pay Us

We're a "Middle Man" and charge you a single fee of £199 (if you use our service - and only if you place a firm order - otherwise it's completely FREE). There is nothing to pay us until you actually place an order with the dealer we introduce. Assuming your order is accepted by the Kia Soul Dealer we introduced, you would pay us just £199 including VAT. And just so you know, £199 would be fully refunded if your order is not ultimately completed. Our online Kia Soul prices and email quotes also include a dealer success fee (paid to us by the dealer - it's never added on top). The dealer success fee is included within any price you see on this site or is quoted by us. Sometimes, specific dealers ask that our success fee is paid by you; in this instance, we deduct it from the agreed price (and you pay the dealer that amount lessless).

HOW DO WE NEGOTIATE SUCH LOW PRICES? How to Buy a Cheap New Kia Soul for Cash

Broadspeed has been continuously online since 1995 - we have more than 1 Million enquiries every Month - and have 500,000 New Kia Soul Car Buyers registered. That big volume gives us significant leverage. It is also key that we identify Kia Soul Main Dealers who are behind on their monthly sales target. We work with large and small Kia Soul dealers including most of the UK's largest PLC Car Dealer Groups. We help customers buy and finance new Kia Soul cars - our clients include National Newspapers, Media Broadcasters, Banks, Trades Unions, Civil Service - many thousands of private individuals and small to large companies. Our extensive business relationships enable us to offer you big new Kia Soul discounts - along with the best (and sometimes 0% free) Kia Soul finance deals.

DO WE OFFER IMPORTS AND PRE-REGISTERED Kia Soul CARS? No, Just Brand New, UK Supplied Kia Soul Cars

All our New Kia Soul Cars are Supplied by Official UK Agents and are Brand New, Registered directly in your name from day one (the V5C Logbook is posted by The DVLA Swansea to you as normal). New [Make Model] imports are no longer cheaper with the weak 'Brexit Pound'. Extra discounts may be available on ex-stock 'Nearly New' and Pre-Registered [Make Model] Cars - just ask for availability and the best price. If you choose to buy a new [Make Model] car as an Ex-Demo, Approved Used or Pre-Regd [Make Model] (ie: one that our dealer offers you after we make the introduction), your new [Make Model] car would be Brand New and FIRST KEEPER (we don't list Pre-Registered [Make Model] cars, at all).

Card Protection

No Internet Risk

Buy Face to Face

100% Real Prices

Genuine Discount

Quotes in Writing

No Risk

Small Deposit

Accurate Pricing

Dealer PCP

Easy Trade-In

Low Cash Prices

Same UK Warranty

Same UK New Cars

Same UK Dealers

News: Kia Soul

The second-generation Soul clearly shows the progress Kia made over the years. Six years ago two models were launched almost at the same time: the Citroën C3 Picasso and the Kia Soul. The concept was the same, the cars looked almost the same and the engine lineup was again almost identical. You can check out the best deals for these stylish crossover-minivans online by researching Broadspeed.

Over the years, the French Peugeot-Citroën group saw sales shrinking in its key European markets. The company was forced to close plants and was eventually forced to accept an offer from the Chinese Dongfeng Group for financial aid. On the other hand, the fortunes of Hyundai-Kia are on the rise. Sales are increasing in Europe, the locally produced models are popular. This enables faster model development. So the second-generation Soul is now on the market, while a replacement for the C3 Picasso is still about two years away.

It is also interesting to note how international automotive design trends correlate. While the C3 Picasso is pure European design, the Soul originates from sunny California. The second-generation model was also developed by a team of American desginers at Kia's local design studio.

At first glance it is hard to spot the difference between the first and second-generation Soul. But in reality it became bigger, while all body panels have been replaced. It is 20mm longer at 4,140mm and 15mm wider at 1,800mm. Overall height was lowered by 10mm to 1,600mm. Wheelbase has also been stretched by 20mm to 2,570mm. The car has a boot space of 354-litres, which rises to 1,367-litres when the rear seats are folded. The Vauxhall Mokka offers 362-litres and 1,372-litres respectively.

The Soul is based on the latest cee'd sharing its chassis and engines. It is available with a 1.6-litre petrol and a diesel with similar capacity. The diesel will be the more popular choice. It is capable of 128bhp and 260Nm of torque, while it returns 56.5mpg on the combined cycle and features 125g/km of CO2 emissions. Both engines can be combined with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox.

The Soul is only available in front-wheel-drive configuration. Though rumours persist that Kia will eventually offer an all-wheel-drive version, the company says that customers „do not want the higher fuel consumption and taxation” which entails a four-wheel-drive car.

Trim levels now include Start, Connect, Connect Plus, Mixx and Maxx with a 1.6-litre petrol-powered entry- level Soul costing £12,600. Standard equipment includes keyless entry, air conditioning, DAB radio, electric windows, tyre pressure monitoring system and six airbags. While the Start gets 16” alloys, Connect and Connect Plus has 17” alloys, and the Mixx/Maxx pair offers 18” alloys.

Soul Connect will probably the best-sellers. It adds artificial leather cluster housings, front foglamps, door mirror heaters, cruise control with a speed limiter, Bluetooth, a reversing camera, leather steering wheel and gearshift knob, a high-gloss black finish on the centre fascia panel, steering wheel bezel, door armrest and upper console and a storage box between the front seats.

The Soul Connect Plus adds a premium sound system and satellite navigation. The funky Soul Mixx offers two-tone exterior, some chrome, LED rear lamps, privacy and solar glass. The interior of the Soul Maxx top model is covered in leather. There's also a TFT screen and a panoramic sunroof.

In addition to the C3 Picasso, other competitors include the Vauxhall Mokka, Skoda Yeti and the Renault Captur. For a comparison of the latest offers, why don't you go online and research Broadspeed. It offers cheap new cars, free financing and the best selection of new car brokers.


EMAIL Question: sales@broadspeed.com
CALL US ON - (0207) 175 0555
WHATSAPP US - (07878) 555247


- Brand New Car (Not Pre-Registered)
- Main Dealer Supplied - UK Warranty
- You Pay Dealer We're a Middle Man
- The Price is Based On Recent Order
- Phone for Availability and Lead Time

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9.0 Invoice from Broadspeed Ltd

Some manufacturers impose conditions - for example requiring you to buy using finance to achieve the best saving and we may offer you a 'work-around' solution. In a very few cases, this may also apply if you wish to take advantage of lower supply price, independent Finance or a Lease Hire deal. In these cases, you may buy from a finance / leasing/ fleet broker (or Broadspeed Ltd), rather than from a Main Dealer. The order would still ultimately be placed with a UK Main Dealer (or with the manufacturer itself) and the vehicle would still be FIRST KEEPER - registered to you (Not Pre-Registered to a third party). Any 'work around' or more competitve offer is optional - something to consider - it's certainly not mandatory. Buying from an independent source or from Broadspeed Ltd does not affect your Warranty, Back-Up package or Consumer Rights, in any way.

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