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Kia is building some astonishingly attractive cars - easy on the eye and a good financial proposition. The sister company to Hyundai has a model range that is the envy of the world - but it would seem the new 2014 Kia cars are already appearing in the motoring press. Happily, Broadspeed is able to break the news that discounts on both new and Approved Used Kia cars (all with low mileage) are soon to be available. In fact, nearly new cars (ageing from 2011 - 2012 - 2013 Kias) are already significantly less costly than the new equivalent. Kia/Hyundai is now the number four car manufacturer in terms of world wide car sales - and this degree of leverage enables it to influence showroom pricing; so we can offer discounted new Kias - but also the best deals for used cars also. You now get a no quibble 5 year warranty across the model range - so if you do choose a nearly-new or ex-demo car, you'll be sure to get the remaining portion of the UK Warranty.

Best Kia Deals

There is no question that retail car prices have continued to rise in 2013 and that makes our job of getting you the best price Kia deal even more important than years gone by. There are some 2013 and 2012 pre reg cars out there but the savings are somewhat variable - certain models represent very good value (on a 13 plate with 10 miles), others not so good. Phone us and we'll get an up to date pre registered and ex-demo stocklist sent over by email.


Broadspeed.com works with official UK dealers to get you the biggest discount on cars in stock (and for Sale for immediate delivery). Whether you are searching for a brand new or nearly car, we will always introduce you to the franchised Kia dealer with the cheapest price. Although there are various ways open to us to achieve this, the most consitent and reliable method (especially where placing a factory order that involves waiting for the build slot) is to buy a car direct from a Kia dealer rather than through a car broker.

Cheap New Kia Deals

There are a few exceptions to this rule; the commercial vehicles (for example the Hilux HL3 or Invincible pick-ups) have such a large additional saving that the retail UK Prices look high compared with the online broker discounts. Many company car buyers pay cash and are not overly bothered whether the showroom finance packages are on offer or not. This year there certainly has not been a finance or leasing deal to make paying the showroom premium worthwhile - with no Interest Free or Kia Leasing offers anywhere on the horizon. So if you are wanting to buy a Hilux on PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) or on a standard Hire Purchase agreement (HP), we'd suggest sourcing the money from an independent lender (the typical rate if you have a strong credit rating is 5% APR up to £15000 borrowed then 6-7% APR above that sum (written quotes available upon request).

New and Used Cars for sale online

Regular manufacturer led special offers can force dealer prices on Kia UK cars down to a level where Broadspeed can combine low rate financing (eg: ask for a no deposit quote). Just don't expect to get all the showroom margin off then also get Kia free finance - it never happens - you can usually have one or the other but not both! if you are sold on the brand and really want a cheap Kia Car, the best deal is often last year's model (still new, but not the latest). Better still, if last year's model is available as a pre registered Kia (eg a dealer special offer in stock for 7 day delivery - even an ex demonstrator or 2012 used car)

Stop Press: Kia PCP No Deposit Contribution

A recent change in the way motor manufacturers incentivise car buyers is to introduce a cost reduction dressed up as a deposit contribution. Essentially, you take out a 2 or 3 year PCP agreement and the car maker gives you £500-£2000 towards your deposit. Now this is soemthimg of a double-edged sword; it's all very well getting money towards a deposit - but don;t forget that interest will increase your total cost of ownership over the years. So ask us if there is a way to keept the cash deposit contribution whilst not taking out a long-term agreement. You can reach Broadspeed sales on 01206 460015 or text your question to (07878) 555247.

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New Car and PX quotes are 100% FREE (as are finance figures). There is a Broadspeed fee ONLY if you do business with a dealer we introduce.


Our dealers offer PX/PCP exactly as normal. However, once you have dealer offer, phone us – as we often find you better PX or PCP prices.


Once you’re ready, we’ll introduce a UK Main Agent who sells you the car as normal. Visit face to face and pay direct – or email and bank transfer.


Broadspeed helps you save on New Cars, Ex-Demonstrators and Approved Used Cars (all Main Dealer supplied, still under Manufacturer Warranty)


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If you pay our £199 fee - but your order is later cancelled (any reason), we refund £199, in full; anything else paid is the dealer’s responsibility.


Dealers either pay to be on our network (a subscription), or pay us a sales commission – this is always INCLUDED within the price we quote you.


Discount rates and RRPs are checked and updated regularly; to the best of our knowledge and belief our discount prices are therefore correct.


Calculations are based on: a) a recent deal made on the same or a similar model, or b) as advised by our trade supplier (within last 30 days).


Prices and specifications are subject to manufacturer change at any time - so quotes must be confirmed by our dealer once you wish to proceed.


We strongly advise you to call and confirm the latest availability, offers, pricing and specification before relying on it for any purpose whatsoever.


We endeavour to provide accurate and up to date information but things do change; we therefore accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.


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Important Information - Please Read

Any new car discount price shown on this website is based on what a customer paid (for this or a similar model) within the last 30 days. Discounts can change and offers expire so we check it once you’re ready to place a pre-order (which is free, with no obligation). The price can only be considered firm once you sign dealer order form and make initial payment (after which dealer T&C apply). Normally, you buy from the main dealer, not from Broadspeed Ltd (but exceptions can apply, see our T&C). Part Exchange and PCP are always quoted by dealer but might be bettered by our trade network. So call us once your car arrives and we will try to cut your cost again.

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